3 Reasons to Stay in Our Downtown Gatlinburg Tennessee Condo Rentals During Christmas

3 Reasons to Stay in Our Downtown Gatlinburg Tennessee Condo Rentals During Christmas

November 15, 2015

For the people throughout the world, the Christmas season is full of light and happiness. Gatlinburg fully believes in making the absolute most out of this beautiful holiday season. During Christmas, downtown Gatlinburg becomes alive in the holiday spirit, and will fill you with the holiday spirit as well.

You will never want to leave the downtown Gatlinburg area during your trip this Christmas season. Luckily, you don’t have to, our Gatlinburg Tennessee condo rentals are located within walking distance of downtown, so you will never have to leave these amazing holiday celebrations. Here are a few more reasons why you should stay in downtown Gatlinburg Tennessee condo rentals during the Christmas season.

1. Gatlinburg RestaurantsA restaurant with a glittering Christmas tree.

One of the best things about taking a trip away from home is getting to experience foods that you would normally not get to enjoy. Gatlinburg and all of Tennessee is home to local foods that you will have to enjoy during any trip to the Volunteer State. Downtown Gatlinburg is full of amazing restaurants that serve the most mouthwatering local foods. By staying in the downtown area this Christmas season, you will get to experience all of these amazing local foods and more. Don’t worry, many of these great restaurants are even open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so no matter when you are visiting Gatlinburg this holiday season you will get to experience delicious food. Some of the restaurants that are open on Christmas Day include Flying Saucer Italian Bistro, The Cabin Café, Cherokee Grill and more. All of these options will give you an amazing meal throughout the holiday season, that will have you returning time and time again.

2. Gatlinburg Winterfest

The Gatlinburg Winterfest is one of the biggest events to take place during the holiday season. The Gatlinburg Winterfest celebrates everything that the holidays and the winter season has to offer us. Between November and February, the Gatlinburg area lights up in 5 million twinkling lights and many gorgeous lighted displays. By staying in downtown Gatlinburg Tennessee condo rentals, you will be near all the action of these amazing lights. If you want to see the entire display, take the Driving Tour of Lights and let your eyes be amazed.

When you are finished admiring the beautiful lights, you can enjoy the many other events that are a part of the Gatlinburg Winterfest celebration. You can enjoy the work of local artists at arts and crafts shows, or listen to Smoky Mountain winter tunes and tales during your walk on the Parkway on Friday and Saturday nights through Christmas. There are many more amazing Gatlinburg Christmas events that you will also want to check out to see what is going on during the dates of your specific trip.

A woman holding a bag full of Christmas gifts.3. Christmas Shopping

Of course, a big part of your Christmas season will be dedicated to finding the perfect gifts for all of your loved ones. Downtown Gatlinburg is full of beautiful, local shops where you can buy one of a kind gifts for your entire family. Some shops that you should definitely check out that are near our Gatlinburg Tennessee condo rentals include The Village Shops, the Old Smoky Candy Kitchen, and the Mountain Mall, at these locations and more you are guaranteed to find the perfect Christmas gifts for everyone on your list.

Our downtown Gatlinburg Tennessee condo rentals will provide you with the best location for enjoying all of the great Christmas activities that will take place in this beautiful town. Book your holiday trip today and save money by checking out our Gatlinburg Tennessee condo rental specials.