4 Reasons Why You Should Spend the Thanksgiving Holiday in Gatlinburg TN

4 Reasons Why You Should Spend the Thanksgiving Holiday in Gatlinburg TN

October 28, 2016

Instead of stressing over cooking, cleaning and hosting your family’s Thanksgiving gathering, consider spending this holiday in Gatlinburg TN! You’ll be more relaxed, save lots of money and maybe even create a new tradition! If you aren’t sure about skipping town this holiday season, read below to learn about how amazing your Thanksgiving will be when you spend it in the Smokies!

1. Escape the Stress

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time to step back and take time to be thankful for all your blessings, but it usually just ends up being a stressful and time-consuming event. When you decide to say goodbye to the craziness and spend your holiday in Gatlinburg TN with us, we promise to give you the relaxing Thanksgiving that you deserve! Our Gatlinburg TN condos have all the wonderful amenities that will keep you happy, such as a bubbling jacuzzi tub, a private balcony overlooking the river and a cozy, stone fireplace. If you need to stay connected to the real world, our condos have complimentary wifi, and we also have an exercise facility if you don’t want to skip out on your fitness routine! Our condos also have fully equipped kitchens just in case you feel like whipping up a traditional Thanksgiving feast!

2. Nearby Popular AttractionsA sign for the Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Community in Gatlinburg TN.

Our Gatlinburg TN condos are close to all the most popular Smoky Mountain attractions, including many great festive events that will make your holiday in Gatlinburg TN extra special!

It’s never too early to start celebrating Christmas, and there’s no better way to kick off the holiday season than by visiting Dollywood for their Smoky Mountain Christmas event! There will be concerts featuring classic Christmas tunes, street performances, colorful parades and you might even bump into Rudolph and his friends roaming around the park!

Our condos are also located nearby the Gatlinburg TN Arts & Crafts Community, which is the perfect place to do your Christmas shopping. Homemade jams, jellies and candies and handcrafted jewelry, soap, pottery and quilts make for unique and thoughtful gifts for everyone on your list!

3. You’ll Save Money

When you spend the Thanksgiving holiday in Gatlinburg TN, you’ll actually save money! When you host the Thanksgiving gathering at your house, you spend tons of money on enough food to feed an army, not to mention you spend hours and hours cleaning and preparing for a total house takeover. When you stay in our beautiful Gatlinburg TN condos, you can avoid the cost and the stress of Thanksgiving dinner and instead treat yourself to a peaceful and affordable mountain retreat! And if you feel bad about leaving everyone back home during Thanksgiving, our 3 bedroom Gatlinburg TN condos are spacious enough to sleep 12 people, meaning you can still bring your closest relatives with you! Sharing the cost of your condo with a couple family members is a great way to stretch your budget even further.

A river and trees in Gatlinburg TN in late fall.4. Start a New Tradition

Another reason to spend the Thanksgiving holiday in Gatlinburg TN is that it’s always fun to experience something new. Escaping the real world for a few days and enjoying some time in the Smokies is a new and exciting way to spend the holiday, and who knows, you might end up creating a brand new family tradition!

Now that we’ve convinced you to spend the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday in Gatlinburg TN, look through all our wonderful Gatlinburg TN condos and start planning your brand new tradition today!