How to Pack for a Summer Vacation in Gatlinburg

How to Pack for a Summer Vacation in Gatlinburg

May 8, 2014

Little_kid_in_car-MediumThere’s nothing more relaxing or fun than a summer vacation in Gatlinburg with those you love most, but preparing for the trip can sometimes be stressful when you’re not quite sure what to throw in the suitcases. If you need help deciding what should to take and what to leave home, you shouldn’t stress because we have a list of all the things you need to pack for a summer mountain vacation.

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  • Some items are hard to live without, including your laptop and charging cord.

  • Toiletries including toothbrushes and toothpaste are often forgotten when rushing out the door.

  • Headphones can make the drive or flight much easier to endure.

  • Capture memories of the trip with a camera.

  • If you take a prescription medication, make sure those go in your bags as well.


It can be tempting to pack everything in your closet, but no one wants to be cramped  in a car with too much luggage. If you plan to fly in, the weight restrictions on checked bags can make packing challenging. To help you, here are some of our suggested clothing items:

  • To cool off in the pool, don’t forget everyone’s swimsuits.

  • Just in case it rains or gets chilly, don’t forget a lightweight jacket.

  • Pajamas are a must-have item.

  • Entire daily outfits for each family member including shorts, t-shirts and tank tops can be folded together for easy unpacking at the condo.

  • If you plan to walk through downtown or hike in the Smokies, remember to bring comfortable shoes.


Once you have the clothes and necessities tucked neatly into your suitcase, next come the items that make a condo in Gatlinburg feel even more like home.

  • Band-aids or even a first-aid kit just in case of a scratch.

  • Disposable plates or cups when you don’t feel like washing dishes

  • Batteries for those electronics that are sure to die while on vacation.

  • Those with longer hair might want hair elastics on warm, sunny days.

  • Grab an umbrella just in case of a summer storm.

Now that you know everything you need for a nice, relaxing vacation in Gatlinburg, call Park Place Condos at (800) 321-5798. Our reservationists will be happy to help you by answering questions and booking your family the perfect vacation home overlooking the river.