5 Surefire Tips for Planning a Stress Free Vacation at a 2 Bedroom Condo in Gatlinburg

5 Surefire Tips for Planning a Stress Free Vacation at a 2 Bedroom Condo in Gatlinburg

February 5, 2017

Ready to get away from it all and enjoy some time in the Smokies? To get the most out of your mountain vacation, follow these simple tips for stress-free planning. They’ll be sure to help you optimize every moment of relaxation and family fun in your 2 bedroom condo in Gatlinburg.

1. Plan Smart, Not Hard

Vacation planning doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Instead of making a minute by minute itinerary, focus on the big stuff. Make a brief fill in the blank form for lodging, transportation, and key activities. Once you have those matters settled, go back and make your packing list as well as a shopping list for any items you might need to buy. There are plenty of customizable checklists online to make things as easy as possible.

2. Read Reviews Before You Buy

You can find a review for just about everything online these days. Before you buy tickets for an attraction or make reservations at a restaurant, check out their latest reviews to avoid any major surprises. Download apps for your favorite travel sites like TripAdvisor or Yelp so you can check out reviews on the go. Don’t forget to add your own reviews to give back to the travel community. Adding photos and tips is a great way to provide valuable information to fellow travelers.

tram over mountains3. Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

A 2 bedroom condo in Gatlinburg is the perfect choice for a family vacation in the Smokies. Park Place on the River is just minutes away from downtown Gatlinburg, so guests can save money on gas and parking by walking to all of the best attractions, shops, and restaurants on The Strip. With private balconies, hot tubs, high speed internet, fully furnished kitchens, and swimming pool access, our condos have everything you need for an unforgettable getaway.

4. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Of course, it’s easier said than done. However, all of those little things you worry over as you pack hardly ever matter in the end. No one needs 10 pairs of shoes or five different swimsuits on vacation! Instead, bring a camera to capture great memories, some comfortable shoes for walking, and your favorite board games. These items are sure to keep everyone comfortable, happy, and entertained. You will find that planning your vacation ahead of time makes it much more enjoyable!

5. Secure Everything at Home

Nothing ruins your blissful post-vacation vibe like a messy home. Before you leave, find someone to take care of your pets, water your plants, and pick up any mail. Take a quick look at the Deck overlooking the river from a 2 bedroom condo in Gatlinburg TNfridge and use up or get rid of any food close to its expiration date. Do a quick dusting and pick up around the house. Unplug any electronic devices and empty the trash cans. The whole process won’t take more than 30 minutes. You’ll be glad you invested in the time when you arrive home to a clean, organized house. Forget wasting time in your beautiful 2 bedroom condo in Gatlinburg worrying if you remembered to take out the trash!

If you follow these helpful tricks, you’re guaranteed to have a wonderful vacation! To start planning your getaway, browse our selection of 2 bedroom condos in Gatlinburg.