Vintage photo of wildflowersWith warm weather and spectacular varieties of color, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Gatlinburg are two of the most beautiful places in the country to explore during the spring season. As more than 1,000 types of wildflowers begin to bloom, those of us at Park Place Condos in Gatlinburg welcome vacationers to enjoy the season with us.

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Park Place overlooks the river, and each unit includes a private balcony so guests can enjoy the sounds and views just outside our complex. Along the river banks, bright bundles of wildflowers and blooms pop up through the end of summer. Just minutes away, downtown Gatlinburg is also alive with color as spring’s blossoms pop up along the streets and throughout the National Park.

In celebration of spring, there are week-long events planned including the Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage, along with longer events that run through August including Smoky Mountain Tunes and Tales in downtown. Whether you plan to attend an event or just explore the National Park through hiking, auto-touring or wildlife viewing, spring is a great time to make a stop in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Want to enjoy the benefits of spring in the Smokies yourself? Park Place on the River provides condos in Gatlinburg with stunning outdoor views and amenities not offered anywhere else. Along with the privacy of balconies overlooking the river, our condominiums are just minutes from downtown for easy traveling.

Call Park Place at (800) 321-5798 to speak to one of our reservationists, and begin planning your next mountain vacation today.

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