3 Reasons Why Everyone Loves Staying at Our Condos in Gatlinburg

3 Reasons Why Everyone Loves Staying at Our Condos in Gatlinburg

February 5, 2022

Everyone deserves a relaxing vacation every once in a while. Even if you only have the chance to vacation one time a year, you deserve to experience the best vacation possible. Our condos in Gatlinburg are fantastic for a number of reasons! Experience all the benefits of condo life! Here are 3 reasons why everyone loves staying at our condos in Gatlinburg:

1. Location

river balcony gatlinburg condoAccording to our reviews, our guests love our premier location in Gatlinburg!  Overlooking the smooth-flowing river, and within walking distance to Gatlinburg, Park Place Condos offer a relaxing getaway for anyone. We are proud to have guests who return to our location year after year, to experience the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains from our Gatlinburg condos. Guests love taking advantage of our balconies! During the springtime, guests can step out onto their private balcony to see the brightly-colored flower beds. They enjoy being next to a peaceful river and experiencing all that nature has to offer!

2. Family Friendly Atmosphere

Our Gatlinburg condos are located only a couple of minutes from the excitement of the Gatlinburg Parkway! All the while, the condos sit far enough away to provide a peaceful environment for everyone. The family friendly atmosphere is noticeable from the moment you step into our building! Families choose Park Place Condos because they are close enough to walk to popular attractions, but the area is quiet enough to be relaxing for a premier vacation experience. Make great family memories when you stay with us in the Smoky Mountains!

3. Lots of Room

living room condoAt Park Place Condos in Gatlinburg, there’s plenty of space for couples or large groups! We offer two and three bedroom condos, depending on the size of your group. Unlike hotel rooms, our condos give families space to sit together and make themselves at home. With a spacious dining room and fully equipped kitchen, everyone can get together and enjoy a home cooked meal for dinner before heading out on the town for the nightlife. Feel like you can actually breathe and spread out when you stay in one of our condos!

You just learned 3 reasons why everyone loves staying at our condos in Gatlinburg! We know you are very excited about vacationing in the Smoky Mountains! Book a Gatlinburg condo today and experience the difference! We look forward to welcoming you to Gatlinburg!