4 Reasons You Should Take a Morning Walk from Our Condos in Gatlinburg

4 Reasons You Should Take a Morning Walk from Our Condos in Gatlinburg

July 18, 2018

Gatlinburg is a beautiful place to visit, and with a stay at our condos in Gatlinburg, you can get out for a nice early morning stroll downtown. Most of the shops may be closed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from getting out and seeing the sights early at sunrise. We’re going to show you 4 reasons you should do just that in this terrific tourist town.

sign for the donut friar1. The Donut Friar

If you haven’t yet heard of ​The Donut Friar​ located in The Village, you’ll probably at least catch a sniff on your walk from our condos in Gatlinburg. The day starts early for the workers at one of the most iconic little shops in Gatlinburg — opening at 5 in the morning. Of course, the location is ideal for morning walkers too. The Village is a charming recreation of an Old World village that becomes even more inviting with a delicious donut shop. Head out early to get your glazed cake donut and a hot cup of coffee! We know a great donut when we taste one, and The Donut Friar has been a Gatlinburg gem for decades.

2. No Crowds

Another benefit of getting up early for a morning walk from our condos in Gatlinburg is avoiding the downtown crowds. The only thing bustling about downtown in the early morning are the few delivery trucks parked along the Parkway. Other than that, very few people take the opportunity to get out early. Most vacationers take advantage of not having to wake up early for work by sleeping in. While you can’t really blame them, they’re missing out on this peaceful activity — and that’s an advantage to you!

3. A Peaceful Way to Begin the Day

Aside from the delivery trucks making their scheduled morning runs, a morning walk from our condo in Gatlinburg is quite the peaceful experience. We know you’ll probably be doing a good amount of walking in Gatlinburg during the day, but your morning exercise will clear your mind and prepare you to tackle the day’s many plans. Besides the Parkway, another peaceful walk is along River Road. Even during the day, this is a much quieter pathway worth taking in Gatlinburg.

4. Slowing Down to Spot the Details

Smoky Mountains Downtown GatlinburgA walk in the early morning hours from our condos in Gatlinburg is beneficial, because it allows you to catch the things you might miss in this beautiful tourist town. Many tourists make the mistake of rushing through the things they want to do on vacation and fail to see everything that makes it special here. You’ll win on vacation by noticing the clever signs, friendly pigeons, cool mountain air, and that famed Smoky Mountain mist that gave them its name. This is a perfect example of slowing things down to experience pure joy in the moment!

Now you can see how much enjoyment a morning walk gives you with a stay at our condos in Gatlinburg. Just imagine how you’ll feel when you do this activity on vacation! Start your day with a smile and book your very own condo in Gatlinburg​ from us at Park Place on the River!