4 Reasons Why Gatlinburg Condo Rentals are Better Than Cabins

4 Reasons Why Gatlinburg Condo Rentals are Better Than Cabins

September 6, 2022

It can be overwhelming when you try to decide where to stay in the Smoky Mountains. But it doesn’t have to be! Condos are a great option for couples, families, and friends who want to be together with more space than a hotel. So why would you choose a condo over a cabin? Keep reading to find out why Gatlinburg condo rentals are better than cabins:

1. Closer to Downtown Gatlinburg

Downtown GatlinburgSome people want to vacation out in nature, but others want to be close to all the action. If you’re someone who enjoys being close to all the fun things to do, then a condo is perfect for you! When you stay with us, you won’t have to go far to find thrilling attractions, incredible restaurants, and unique shops. You’ll love the short commute, especially when you’re ready to start the day or you’re ready to head back to the condo after being out all day. Plus, you won’t have to go far if you want to visit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park or any of the other mountain towns in the area!

2. More Affordable

Just renting a cabin can really add to the expense of your vacation. Gatlinburg condo rentals are a much more affordable option compared to cabins. They may add all kinds of extra fees that skyrocket your final price, and cabin companies can charge varying fees depending on if the time of year you’re thinking about going is busy. Our rentals are much more affordable for people on a budget. You may just save enough money to do something fun, like visit the Gatlinburg SkyPark!

3. Next to the Water

balcony overlooking riverAnother reason you’ll want to stay in our Gatlinburg condo rentals instead of a cabin is because we are next to the water. If you wanted a cabin on the water, you’d definitely pay extra for the view. When you stay with us, you can have a beautiful view of the creek from your condo. You can even fish in the creek if you obtain a Tennessee fishing license, and your kids will definitely enjoy splashing around in the water!

4. Fantastic Amenities

Our Gatlinburg condos are better than cabins for your Smoky Mountain trip because of the fantastic amenities. Every condo has a mountain stone fireplace where you can stay cozy. The large, comfortable living rooms are great for groups of people vacationing together, and you can save even more money by cooking in the fully equipped kitchens. During the summer, everyone will love being able to use the outdoor swimming pool and hot tub. We even have an exercise room where you can stick to your workout routine while you’re away. You won’t find that at any cabin!

You don’t have to be torn on where to stay for your next vacation in the Smokies. Our Gatlinburg condo rentals are much better than cabins, and now you know why! Look through our condos in Gatlinburg, and book one for your trip today!