3 Great Exhibits at The Alcatraz East Crime Museum

3 Great Exhibits at The Alcatraz East Crime Museum

September 28, 2023

A great thing about our Gatlinburg condos is that they are just a short distance away from Pigeon Forge, another one of the Smoky Mountain area’s popular cities. This makes it easy to go and spend the day there to enjoy its fun attractions. These include a collection of interesting museums. If you’re fascinated by the topic of true crime, let us tell you about one you should visit. Explore this list of 3 great exhibits at the Alcatraz East Crime Museum

1. A Notorious History of American Crime

pilloryJust as technology has evolved, so have the crimes people commit. Visitors get to catch a glimpse of the evolution at this exhibit. Learn about outlaws of the Wild West, such as Pancho Villa and Jesse James. Along with information and artifacts, the museum is known for having great interactive activities in the exhibits. Here, you can practice your shooting skills in a Wild West environment. You can also attempt to unlock a safe. After that, move on to more modern cyber-crimes when you try to hack into a fictitious website. In addition to crime history, you also get a first look at crime punishment in this exhibit. See a collection of early punishment devices, such as the ball and chain. You can even stick your head and hands through a pillory, which makes for an excellent photo opportunity! 

2. Punishment: The Consequence of Crime

In this other great exhibit at the Alcatraz East Crime Museum, visitors get a deeper look into the consequences of committing a crime. The goal is to defy Hollywood’s glamorous representation of the criminal. This exhibit’s biggest highlight is its full-scale model police station. Visitors can get chosen from a police lineup, have their mugshot and fingerprints taken, and experience the loneliness of sitting in a jail cell. You can also see how you do under the pressure of a lie detector test and if you can outwit it. As for artifacts, you can see a collection of punishment devices, many of which are still used today. These include a gas chamber, electric chair, and lethal injection machine.

3. Crime Scene Investigation

crime sceneThe Crime Scene Investigation exhibit takes visitors through the process of solving a crime. You may have seen it portrayed in your favorite crime drama, and now you get to learn more! Crime Scene Investigation consists of various forensic science techniques, such as DNA testing and facial reconstruction. You’ll even get to use some of them like a real investigator when you step onto a model of a crime scene. It is your job to figure out who committed the murder. There is also a model of a morgue where you can learn about the process of conducting an autopsy. The exhibit houses police files from some of America’s cold cases, including Black Dahlia and the Anthrax attacks. Lastly, there is helpful information on how to protect yourself from burglary, internet fraud, and more! 

We hope you visit the Alcatraz East Crime Museum during your stay with us! If you’re curious about other things to do in the area, check out our list of 3 can’t-miss Pigeon Forge attractions!