4 Reasons Why You’ll Love the Pizza in Gatlinburg

4 Reasons Why You’ll Love the Pizza in Gatlinburg

November 27, 2018

Many people are initially surprised when they learn of all the places you can get pizza in Gatlinburg. That surprise will quickly disappear when they visit one for the first time. Here are the reasons why you will love all the delicious pizza in Gatlinburg!

1. Fresh Ingredients

We all know the South’s careful consideration of making food taste homemade, and that is no different when it comes to pizza. At ​Big Daddy’s Pizzeria​, they make a crazy good marinara sauce that is prepared daily. You’ll also find numerous other places around town that use toppings that are fresh and sourced locally — ​Smoky Mountain Brewery​ for one. This greatly enhances the taste that you’ll probably find quite noticeable after your first bite!

2. Uncommon Cooking Methods

pizza in ovenWe say uncommon because most local places simply don’t have what pizza in Gatlinburg and other trend-setting establishments are offering customers with their cooking methods. The brick oven has given pizza a flavor that your standard oven can’t accomplish. It gives you that crunch and golden brown taste that you would get if you made it on a grill. That reason alone has grown the immense popularity of pies in some of the places here!

3. Family Friendly

One of the best things the places that serve pizza in Gatlinburg keep in mind is the happy memories that pizza brings out. They recognize that kids love their pizza, as their memories are usually of happy times when they’re eating it. While many places cater to kids, nobody does it any better than Big Daddy’s Pizza once again. Along with their arcade connected to the restaurant, they also let kids toss the dough of their very own personal pizza. It’s a nice touch that enables youngsters to have more happy memories!

4. Customer Service Focus

This last reason isn’t any different than many other restaurants in Gatlinburg, and that is the service that puts the customer first. Many of their guests are, in fact, tourists here for a good time, and the importance is highly stressed on their employees to provide an all-out fantastic experience that they’ll remember. The competition is fierce and none of these restaurants want to lose customers, so fast and super friendly service should be common — and almost always is!

Best Places to Eat Pizza in Gatlinburg

Best Italian in GatlinburgBest Italian: Elks Plaza – Best Italian is a great Italian eatery serving up plenty of varieties of food, but their pizza is a super flavorful standout, and customers have loved them for over 40 years!

Taste of Italy – Taste of Italy is a fairly new restaurant that takes pride in serving fresh ingredients on their hand-tossed pizza. The end result is truly authentic in every sense!

Big Daddy’s Pizzeria – At Big Daddy’s Pizzeria there’s no freezer in the back, so you know they’re serious about freshness and quality. The crust is a clear winner too, with its wood-fired oven putting on the finishing touch to a magnificent pie!

Those should provide you some good reasons why pizza in Gatlinburg should not be ignored on vacation. A family experience while enjoying one of America’s favorite foods should be expected here. That is absolutely our expectations for having you as our guests at Park Place on the River. ​Choose your condo​ today to give your family a wonderful experience that can’t be topped!